Period 1: 1491- 1607
Period 2: 1607- 1754
Period 3: 1754- 1800
Period 4: 1800- 1848
Period 5: 1844- 1877

When the Europeans arrived in the New World, these people where already living here.

Who are Native Americans


This crop was the largest cash crop in the Jamestown colony

What is tobacco


The conclusion of this war brought about many new changes in tax policies in the colonies.

What is the French- Indian War (Seven Years War)


The Cotton Gin, while meant to decrease the demand for this labor system, does the exact opposite.

What is slavery


This was the belief it was America's God-given right to conquer the North American continent

What is Manifest Destiny


This was the largest city in the Mississipian culture and was famou for its mound building. 

What is Cahokia

People who settled the New World from European primarily did for these two reasons

What are religious and economic


This pamphlet by Thomas Paine ignited the revolutionary spirit in many colonists who were undecided about joining the revolution.

What is Common Sense


The acquisition of the Louisiana Territory marked the first in a series land acquisitions that are together known as this

What is Westward Expansion


This annexation of this "independent" nation was the cause of the Mexican- American War

What is the Lone Star Republic

These three crops are known as the "Three Sisters"

What is corn, beans, and squash


The Columbian Exchange was a big picture movement of goods and people across the Atlantic from Africa to the New World that was known as this

What is the Atlantic Slave Trade (Middle Passage)


This entrance of this nation during the Revolutionary War after the Battle of Saratoga was a major turning point for the war. 

Who is France


This movement refers to the overall change in the US economy from mostly agricultural to industrial

What is the Market Revolution


This group of people was critical to keeping Missouri from joining the side of the Confederacy during the Civil War

Who are German Immigrants


This was the system of slavery and land distribution that was used by the Spanish Conquistadors in Central America 

What is the Encomienda system


These two people were examples of political and religious dissenters in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Name one of them

Who are Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson


This was the name of the first governing document of the United States

What is the Articles of Confederation


This meeting in 1848 marked the beginning of the women's suffrage movement in in the 19th century 

What is the Seneca Falls Convention 


This was signed as a war measure to increase the number of troops fighting in the Union army?

What is the Emancipation Proclamation


This Spanish monk believed in the humane treatment of native populations, and advocated for a more tolerant church mission in the New World

Who is Bartolome de las Casas


This rebellion was one of the first examples of showing political unrest in the colonies because of a lack of protections from the British parliament from attacks from Natives. 

What is Bacon's Rebellion


These were the two opposing sides during the Constitutional Convention who argues about the size and scope of the federal government.

Who are the Federalist and the Anti- Federalists


Andrew Jackson, as President of the United States, was suppose to represent this group of people.

What is the "comman man"


This is the most important of the Reconstruction Amendments, and is the one which officially abolished slavery in the US.

What is the 13th Amendment

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