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Who is a scientist who studies the mind and human behavior?



According to the "Power of Play" sidebar, name at least 1 benefit of playing games. 

Acceptable answers: 

1. They encourage creativity.

2. They build coordination.

3. They deepen friendships.

4. They help you learn how to fail.

5. They strengthen your brain.


What is polio?

It's a disease caused by a contagious virus. In its most serious form, the virus can paralyze the body and cause breathing difficulties. In extreme cases, it can even lead to death. 


What is the main message that the author is trying to teach us from reading both of these articles?

That games have lifted people's spirits during difficult times like COVID 19 and the Polio Virus.


What is the purpose of the sidebar in the Roblox article?

It explains 5 benefits of playing video games. The author is encouraging people to play more games.


What is a catchy phrase used in advertising?


Reread the first section of the Roblox article. How was Robby Scianna's birthday party different from the way he planned it? Why?

For his birthday, Robby planned to have his party at an escape room. But because everyone had to stay apart during COVID 19, they had a Roblox party instead. 


Who created Candy Land?

Eleanor Abbot.


Which detail doesn't match this main idea: Games have helped people get through challenging times.

A. Thanks to Candy Land, kids stuck at home could wander through the Peppermint Stick Forest.

B. During the Great Depression in the 1930's, when millions of Americans lost their jobs, families played board games like Monopoly and Sorry!

C.Since it was started in 2005, Roblox has grown into a worldwide hit, with more than 120 million players.

C. Since it was started in 2005, Roblox has grown into a worldwide hit, with more than 120 million players.


Find the subtitle of the Candy Land article that gives clues about the main idea of the article?

"The fascinating History of Candy Land, one of America's most popular board games." 


What is the first appearance of something in society?



Why is Roblox popular with kids according to the section "Millions of Players"?

Roblox is popular with kids because you can chase bad guys, whip up pies, find a furry pet to love you, or you can even build your own games. 


What was life like for kids being treated for polio in the hospital?

The kids in the ward were away from their families. They were incredibly bored and homesick. There was nothing to do but wait for their families. 


What is the main idea of the section "An Instant Hit" in the Candy Land article?

This section is mainly about how Abbott took her game and sold it to Milton Bradley which became one of America's best-selling games.


Find the subtitle in the Roblox article that gives clues about the main idea.

"How a gaming platform has helped millions of Americans through a challenging time."


What is a long, severe slump in an economy?



Reread the section "Staying Connected." What were some of the warnings experts had for kids playing video games? 

Don't play for hours every day. Kids should never talk to people they don't know on Roblox. Parents should check the safety settings.


Why was Candy Land popular with kids during the time of polio?

Without computers, smartphones, or the internet, kids couldn't keep in touch with friends the way they can today. Candy land kept the kids entertained. 


What is the main idea of the section "Staying Connected" in the Roblox article?

This section explains some things to be careful about when playing video games. 


What do you learn from the caption in the Candy Land article?

That three Little League players visited with 2 young children recovering from Polio in a hospital in New York in 1955. 

It shows what the kids looked like who were suffering from polio.


What is not too much or not too little of something?



How is the game Roblox similar to the Candy Land game?

Both games became very popular during pandemics. The Roblox game brought people together during COVID 19 and Candy Land gave kids something to do at home when they couldn't go to swimming pools and other places during the Polio crisis. 


What detail from the article proves that Candy Land is still popular today?

Many new versions of the game have been released, with new characters like Princess Lolly and Lord Licorice. There are computer games and movies based on the game. 


What is the main idea of the section "Generations of Children" in the Candy Land article?

It's mainly about how Candy Land has stayed popular even after the Polio problem ended.

What is the purpose of the sidebar titled "Compare and Contrast" in the Roblox article?

It gives the reader a guiding question to think about while reading. You should try to answer this while reading to get a better understanding.

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